Apple Supplier Work-Hour Compliance Reached 99% in May 2013

Apple continues to keep close tabs on the working hours of employees within their supply chain partners. This morning Apple updated their Supplier Responsibility page to indicate in May, suppliers again reached a high of 99% compliance is sticking with a 60-hour work week for over 1 million employees:

In May 2013, our suppliers achieved an average of 99% compliance to the 60-hour work week across all employees we track.

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Back in December, Apple announced it was tracking more than 1 million employees as of March 2013, which resulted in compliance dipping to 97% and dropping to 96% in April, but as of May it appears compliance has reached a high of 99%. Last month the Fair Labor Association released its second report on Apple’s Foxconn facilities and determined the latter had completed 98.3 of a proposed action plan to better working conditions.