Apple May Switch to IGZO Displays Next Year

The next generation iPhones and iPads will likely charm their users with their extended battery life — among other features, of course.


According to information obtained by Patently Apple via Korea’s ET News, the Cupertino, California company is in serious talks with Sharp and LG to expand its use of IGZO displays and lessen the energy consumption of its iDevices.

The Korean sources point to Sharp which is poised to raise the production of IGZO panels while LG is making preparations to roll out IGZO displays — it is upgrading its AM OLED and LCD production lines.

Back in May, Sharp announced that it will produce three types of IGZO panels for use in notebook PCs. The IGZO technology enables smaller thin-film transistors and increases light transmission, resulting in crisp, clear imagery.

Also, a smartphone featuring Sharp’s IGZO display has won the gold award from SID in its “Display of the Year” category this May. The award recognized the IGZO display’s superb energy efficiency thanks to the new technology which also enables extended battery life.

Furthermore — and in line with Sharp’s move to mass produce IGZO displays — Apple is rumoured to be expanding its use of IGZO displays in its next generation MacBook line due out the first half of next year.