How to Setup Twitter’s New 2-Step Login Verification on iOS [PICS]

Twitter has released an update to its iOS app to include support for two-step login verification right from the app, plus updated a new view for photo galleries along with other improvements.

What’s New in Version 5.9
Now you can protect your account with login verification. This is a new form of two-factor authentication that allows you can turn on and manage directly from your app.

Also in this release:
• View anyone’s photos in a beautiful gallery when you visit their profile and tap ‘View more photos’
• Photo search results can also be viewed in a gallery
• Enjoy several improvements to lists: create new lists and edit your existing lists; manage titles and descriptions; add or remove members
• Improved launch times
• Other bug fixes and improvements

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So what happens is when you attempt to login to Twitter on the web, a verification request is sent to the iOS app to ask for approval.

What to expect when you enable two-step verification right from the iOS app? Let’s take a look at how it works.

1. Enable two-step security within the Twitter iOS app first.

Go to your profile –> Settings –> Login Verification –> ON (you’ll be asked to confirm)

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2. Write down your backup code and store it in a secure place.

3. The next time you attempt to login to your Twitter account on the web you’ll get the following message:

Screen Shot 2013 08 06 at 12 02 00 PM

4. To approve your login, launch Twitter for iOS, go to Security –> Login requests –> then tap the checkmark to approve the login. It’s pretty specific as to where the login request is coming from.

Photo 2

Once approved, your browser will automatically login. It’s like magic. Let us know if you’re going to enable two-step authentication for your Twitter account. It’s definitely worth the piece of mind, but do remember you’ll need your iPhone to login to your account no matter where you go.