Mockup Compares 12.9-Inch ‘iPad maxi’ to iPad, iPad mini, 13″ MacBook Air [PICS]

Back in late May, a crazy rumour by South Korea-based ETNews claimed Apple was working on a 12.9-inch iPad dubbed the ‘maxi’. This wasn’t taken seriously until the Wall Street Journal chimed in two months later to say Apple was indeed testing larger screens for its iPhone and iPad, with the latter up to 13-inches.

MacRumors commissioned Ciccarese Design to create a mockup comparing this rumoured 12.9-inch iPad to the 9.7-inch iPad, iPad mini and 13-inch MacBook Air. Eric Slivka explains how Apple could indeed make the 12.9-inch iPad an HD standard display if it were to main the same pixel density of the 9.7-inch iPad or iPad mini:

If Apple were, however, to maintain the same 132/264 ppi of the current 9.7-inch iPad, this 12.9-inch iPad could conveniently carry an increased resolution of approximately 1366 x 1024 (2712 x 2048 Retina), matching the “HD” display standard in width and exceeding it in height.


Taking things even further, if Apple were to approach the pixel density of the iPad mini’s display on this larger iPad, it could offer an even higher resolution of 1600 x 1200 (3200 x 2400 Retina) or 1680 x 1260 (3360 x 2520 Retina) on a display offering twice the area of the iPad mini’s display.

Check out the mockups below and tell us what you think:

12 9 ipad ipad 4 mini light 800x450

12 9 ipad macbook air 800x450

Do you see yourself ever purchasing a 13-inch iPad, if it were to ever make it to market?