Apple Stores in Canada Start Unlocked iPhone 5s Sales at 8AM on Sept. 20

Will Apple stores in Canada sell unlocked iPhone 5s units at launch September 20? The answer is yes, unlike last year’s iPhone 5 launch, according to our sources close to retail operations speaking on the condition of anonymity. This is the same reliable source that first informed us last year stores in Canada would not be offering unlocked sales at launch.

Sales will start at 8AM in most markets so stores will be ready in the morning. Purchase limits will be enforced but limited to specific models, so that means two iPhone 5s and two iPhone 5c units per person. Some stores previously have limited sales to credit card payments but nothing specific has been noted at this time, so we assume all are accepted.

Stores will eventually funnel customers into two different sales lines: one for unlocked purchases and another for contract sales. The unlocked line is expected to move faster but will be determined by the available staff on hand.

Apple will not offer unlocked iPhone 5s online pre-orders this year, a hint the company does not have ample supply and is expecting shortages of its new premium model. This means customers wanting the phone unlocked and outright at launch will have to wait in line.

Are you going to be waiting in line to buy an unlocked iPhone 5s?