First Impressions and Observations: Unboxing the Blue iPhone 5c [VIDEO]


We pre-ordered an iPhone 5c on September 13 just past midnight and it arrived today just before 10AM thanks to FedEx, on the phone’s launch day. We were really curious about the iPhone 5c and the polycarbonate back we’ve heard (and seen) so much about, we just had to get our hands on it.

Below is our nitty gritty unboxing of the iPhone 5c in blue (you can check out our green unboxing video here; our gold iPhone 5s unboxing is here):

First impressions/observations of the iPhone 5c

  • It feels really great in the hand, similar to the iPhone 3G/3GS days.
  • The phone is thinner than we expected.
  • It boots up much faster than the iPhone 5.
  • It’s a solid and well made product, 20 grams heavier than the iPhone 5/5s; no signs of squeaks, cracks or rattles (like my iPhone 5).
  • The blue is vibrant and pops thanks to the glossy finish. The stock wallpaper colour, plus the blue plus iOS 7 just feels right (damn it I sound like an Apple commercial).
  • The camera and flash sit flush with the back case.
  • The speaker is just as loud as the iPhone 5.
  • During unboxing, it felt like I had bought an iPod touch.
  • “Unapologetically plastic.” Sir Jony Ive called it.

We’ll have more to follow in a full review plus more pictures to show when our white iPhone 5c case arrives next week. What are your thoughts on the iPhone 5c so far?