Innovative Touchfire iPad Keyboard is 25% Off, Free Shipping [Deals]

Redesign 630 x 473 Simply a better way to type

If you missed out on the revolutionary Touchfire iPad keyboard sale last time from our Deals Store, now is your chance to jump on it again because it’s back–but this time it’s $5 cheaper than before.

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The Touchfire iPad keyboard started out as Kickstarter project which raised over $200,000 (they only asked for $10,000). What makes this keyboard so unique is the fact it’s simple and easy to use. Just place it on top of your iPad 2/3/4 screen and you’ll be typing on textured keys, creating a realistic typing experience, as the cover magnets keep it right in place.

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Made of high performance silicone rubber, the Touchfire keyboard is easy to clean as you can just run it under the tap and dry with a towel. Entrepreneur Magazine named Touchfire one of the 100 most brilliant companies of 2013 thanks to its iPad keyboard.

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The Touchfire iPad keyboard normally retails for $60, but it’s 25% off, selling for $44.99 which includes free shipping to Canada and beyond. If you’ve always wanted a physical touch to your iPad but hate carrying keyboards, this compact solution just might be the one for you.

Click here to jump on the Touchfire iPad keyboard–the sale ends in 4 days.