The Superstacked Mac Bundle for Designers is 98% Off [Deals]

If you’re a designer then the following Superstacked Mac Bundle in our Deals Store just might be for you. You will get the following software bundle, which normally retails at $3,004 for 98% off if you buy it today at $37.

The catch? The price increases every day you delay by a dollar. So the earlier you jump on this deal, the more you save! By Day 16, the final price will be $50 for this bundle.

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Mac Apps & Web Services
-xScope ($30) – A indispensable UI tool for designers and developers – 5 Star App Store Review
-Painter Lite ($69) – Ease into the world of digital art
-ColorSchemer Studio 2 ($50) – Professional color matching app for Mac
-CSS Hat ($30) – Instantly turn Photoshop layer styles to CSS3
-skEdit ($30) – A simple and intuitive HTML editor
-Pixa ($25) – Quickly organize your image files
-Fumy ($20) – Paint with smoke!
-Growth Hacker Bundle ($2,400) – 13 subscriptions to help launch or enhance your website or business (Moz, AdRoll, Clarity, SendGrid, A/B Testing, LaunchBit, Crazy Egg, Stride,, RJMetrics, HitTail, Vero, Heap, GH TV)

Design Resources
-Photoshop Design Templates ($125) – Expertly designed, time-saving assets
-15 App Templates ($75) – Fully customizable, hand coded app templates for iOS 7
-Hand-Crafted Design Elements ($75) – Vector artwork for your design arsenal
-500 Icons ($75) – Universal web icons
-Train Simple – One month of Adobe Certified Creative Cloud Training

If you are into designing your own stuff or want to start, this creative bundle will help you get started right away.

Click here to jump on the Superstacked Mac Bundle. The earlier you jump on this, the more you save.