iPhone 5c Sales Gaining Traction Worldwide [Report]

The first reports claimed that the iPhone 5s outsold the “cheaper” iPhone 5c in the United States — Localytics: 3.7x, CIRP 2x — and supply checks performed by KGI Securities analyst Ming Chi Kuo has shown that there are plenty of 5c handsets available compared to the 5s. As a result whispers surfaced about the potential failure of the colourful handset. A month after the initial launch, Localytics posted a follow-up report, which shows the 5c narrowing the 5s’ lead.


According to the firm’s most recent update, the iPhone 5c is gaining traction. In fact, the U.S. ratio for active iPhone 5s to 5c is down to 1.9x, Localytics highlights. The picture is slightly different on a global scale (well, in 11 countries) where the iPhone 5s outsells the 5c by 2.3, which suggests that the colourful iPhone is growing in popularity.


This doesn’t mean, however, the iPhone 5c is the handset for emerging market, Localytics suggest. It does mean that worries were overblown, as Benedict Evans an analyst at Enders Analysis in London already stressed. As he said, Apple’s most dedicated customers are in the rush to buy the newest product, which obviously results in higher 5s sales, while the refreshed iPhone 5 now marketed as 5c, will sell more slowly, but its growth will be steady. And the Localytics data just highlights this fact.


The market analytics company also took iOS tablets under its loop to find that the iPad mini, which doesn’t sport a Retina display, has grabbed 17% share of Apple tablets. The iPad 4 and iPad mini represent 35% of all active iOS tablets.

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