No Credit Card? Buy Your Retina iPad mini Online with an Apple Gift Card

The Retina iPad mini launched in the early morning last night and is only available online at the moment. Retail stores have no idea when they will be coming, with some saying the next day or two. In-store pickup is showing to be an option online but it currently shows “unavailable.”

For those without a credit card and want to order the Retina iPad mini, there’s still hope. All you have to do is visit your nearest Apple retail store and purchase Apple Gift Cards with cash for the amount that will cover your purchase.

Once that’s done, you can proceed to order your Retina iPad mini online, as the checkout accepts Apple Gift Cards as a form of payment. Just enter the PIN from the back of your Apple Gift Card (you need to scratch away the area to see it) and then after that it’ll ask for the gift card number. Voila!

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No word on when Apple will carry the Retina iPad mini in stores, but some suspect it should be this week sometime. Stay tuned.