Apple: How to Properly Store your iPad for 6 Months or Longer

If you plan on storing your iPad for a long period of time, such as six months or longer, Apple has explained the proper way to do so in recently updated support document, which will help keep your iPad battery in good health.

Here’s what you need to do before you store your iPad mini or iPad in long-term storage:

  1. Charge your iPad battery to about 50 percent.
  2. Turn off your iPad to avoid additional battery use.

Once the above has been completed, Apple recommends you store your iPad “in a cool, moisture-free environment that is less than 30° C (90° F).” As for the maximum time you can store your iPad without recharging, here are the guidelines from Apple:

  • iPad mini: 6 months
  • iPad: 12 months
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Recharging an iPad that has been in storage will differ based on the length of its dormant state, since your device could be in a “low-battery state”. Apple says your iPad may require up to 20 minutes of charging with the original adapter before it can be used. If multiple devices are being stored, it’s best to rotate them on a “first in, first out” basis to ensure devices are stored for the shorted time possible.

So there you have it. If you plan on storing your iPad for a long period of time, these instructions should help ensure your device’s battery can be maintained in optimum condition.