Apple Turning to Tumblr for Promoting iPhone 5c?

Apple has apparently turned to social networking website Tumblr to start up a new advertising campaign for the iPhone 5c by making a new webpage called “ISee5c”, as pointed out by 9to5Mac. As seen in the screenshot below, the page titled “Every color has a story” is divided into colourful segments, each representing a short video advertisement for the various iPhone 5c phone and case colours.


The Tumblr page hosts several ads for the iPhone 5c, each of which is around 15 seconds long and plays a different song while showcasing the dots featured on the rear of the iPhone 5c official cases and on the iOS 7 dynamic wallpapers. There is a different statement at the end of each advertisement. The green iPhone 5c video ends with “Viva o Carnaval”, while the red/pink iPhone 5c video says “Porte de Lilas” (the gates of Paris) at the end. The white iPhone 5c popcorn-themed ad ends with “Enjoy the show” and the yellow phone’s video ends with “Showtime.”

It isn’t yet confirmed whether Apple is official managing the page or not, the source notes that there is evidence which points to Apple likely being behind the new advertising campaign.

“First, some Tumblr users are reporting that the iPhone 5c colors Tumblr page is showing up as a Sponsored Post in their Dashboards. This means that the page’s creator is paying Tumblr/Yahoo for the iPhone 5c page to show up as an advertisement. It is unlikely that a casual user would create such a paid campaign in the Apple style. Connecting even more strongly to Apple is additional information from the webpage’s source code. While the videos are completely hidden from being embedded by others, the source code informs us that the advertisements are actually being hosted on video-sharing network Vimeo.”

You can check out the webpage here and let us know what you think.