How to Tell If Your iOS 7.1 Keyboard Shift Key is On or Off

iOS 7.1 beta users have long experienced the frustration of the new shift key within the latest keyboard.

The problem is it’s hard to decipher whether or not the shift key is on or not since the keyboard’s letters don’t change from lowercase to uppercase, but rather only the colour of the key, which will invert and turn black with a white background.

Luckily, there’s help to determine if your shift key is on or off thanks to

Screenshot 2014 03 14 11 33 32

Boy, that was easy.

Caps lock is easier to decipher as there’s an extra line underneath the shift key.

Users may recall it was much easier to tell when the shift key was ‘on’ in iOS 6, as the icon would turn blue when enabled (image via ZDNET):

Ios 6 keyboard ogrady 620x255

Anyways, let us know if you love or hate the new shift key in iOS 7.1. It’s driving us mad.