The SimpleFitness Gadget Bundle is On Sale for 35% Off, Shipped Free [Deals]

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Want to energize your life with summer around the corner? You can do just that with the SimpleFitness Gadget Bundle, which is currently on sale for 35% off in our Deals Store for $129.99, shipped free to Canada and the USA.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • The Wireless Pedometer is a unit that tracks the number of steps that you take in a given day/week/month. Set goals of how many steps you would like to take and this unit gives read outs of the percent completed and number of steps taken. (Wherever you go your steps are tracked even out of base station range)
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  • The Wireless Weight Scale is a unit that stays at home and records your weight. The scale relays this information wirelessly to the base station for your readouts.
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  • The Base Station is the final unit that ties the system together. With a range of 100ft, the base unit wirelessly and automatically takes the data gathered from the weight scale and pedometer and transfers that data to your mobile device to give you a read out of your progression toward your goals. (Pedometer tracks steps for 30 days if out of range of base station and delivers data next time in range for your readouts)
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This entire system is done wirelessly so everything is updated automatically seamlessly with no calculation needed. Your data can be accessed on the web and on your mobile phone within seconds.

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