Apple Canada Discontinues iPad 2, Replaced by 16GB iPad 4 Starting at $399

Apple has quietly updated its online store tonight without taking it down. We saw 8GB iPhone 5c sales go live in the U.K., Germany and France and now Apple USA and Apple Canada have discontinued the iPad 2, proving yesterday’s rumours true.

The iPad 2 as you can see below is replaced by the Retina iPad 4 starting at $399 for the 16GB Wi-Fi version and $529 for the cellular model—which is exactly the same pricing as the USA (and odd since other iPads are $20 more in Canada).

Screenshot 2014 03 18 01 32 57

It would have sucked if you purchased an iPad 2 recently and can no longer return it as the iPad 4 comes with a Retina display and the more powerful A6X chip.