Apple Testing New Notification Feature in iOS Maps App?

According to a MacRumors report based on some screenshots captured by a blog reader, Apple is currently testing a new notification feature in its iOS Maps application, apparently informing users of fixed problems that previously existed. The user who provided the screenshots, had reported an error to Apple in the Maps app on April 6th, and was notified by Apple using a push notification on April 8th that the problem had been fixed.

apple maps

Currently, Google is known to offer support for a similar feature in its mapping service i.e notifying users via email about the progress of a reported problem or suggested edit. Now it seems that Apple is also testing such a feature, though it is currently unclear whether the push notification option will be offered to all users or a select few. But if Apple makes this a permanent feature, it would allow users to know that Apple is actively listening to reports and working hard on fixing errors.

“While Apple has allowed users to report errors since Maps first debuted in September of 2012, the company has not previously provided notifications that let users know when a problem has been fixed. The initial user who first spotted the feature says that the option has only appeared intermittently, and at least two MacRumors forum users were able to confirm that they had seen it as well. MacRumors has been unable to reproduce it.” 

It has been reported in the past that Apple will introduce major improvements to the Maps app in iOS 8. Also, the company has recently hired former Amazon executive as director in charge of Maps search.