Ascend P7 is a Crazy iPhone Ripoff from Huawei [PICS]

Huawei ascend p7 0031

Chinese smartphone manufacture Huawei has today released a new smartphone called the Ascend P7, that runs a redesigned version of Google’s Android operating system, having the same “flat” design scheme with bright colors that Apple introduced last year with iOS 7, BusinessInsider is reporting.

“On the outside, it looks a lot like every other smartphone out there. But the operating system, a redesigned version of Android, looks like Huawei picked apart Apple’s new iOS design pixel by pixel.”

It seems that Huawei isn’t alone in copying Apple’s flat iOS 7 design though. Both HTC and Samsung introduced similar flat designs in their new flagship phones i.e the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the HTC One (m8). Take a look at these photos and see for yourself:

Flat design copy

Iphone5 3up pyramid ios7 print 2

Meanwhile in an official blog post, Samsung has shamelessly explained how its “designers” gave the basic icons a stylish look by creating them in a simpler fashion i.e flatter and more colourful (see image below). “With the new icons and interface, you can clearly say that the Galaxy S5 is a trendy smartphone”, says Samsung. Wow, seriously?