Side-by-Side Comparison of iPhone 6 Mockup and iPod Touch [VIDEO]

Italian blog has compared Apple’s current generation iPod touch with a 4.7″ iPhone 6 mockup, which is based on previously leaked design drawings from a Japanese website, revealing a number of design similarities between the two devices. Despite the iPhone 6 mockup being slightly thicker than the fifth-gen iPod touch, the curved edges on the rear shell and the style of speaker holes along the bottom edge give it a very familiar look.

Iphone 6 ipod touch 1

The aluminum shell of the iPhone 6 mockup closely resembles that of the iPod touch, with rounded edges that make it more comfortable to hold. The volume buttons are also similar in shape but are slightly larger in size. For obvious reasons though, the iPhone 6 has larger height and width than the iPod touch, since its body must accommodate a 4.7-inch display compared to the 4-inch display of the iPod touch. 

Iphone6eipodtouchg26 1024x859

[Google Translation] The thickness of the iPod touch is slightly lower than that of the iPhone 6, but we must take into account the fact that the future Apple smartphone could incorporate a much larger display in parallel with a more powerful battery to ensure at least the same performance as its predecessor . To get a better idea of how wide the 4.7-inch display built into the likely future iPhone, we can say that the width will match with virtually the entire iPod touch.

Here’s a video slideshow comparing the two units: