Future iPhones will Use NFC as Key Part of iWallet [Analyst]

Near-field-communication (NFC) will be a key part of Apple’s iWallet, investment firm Morgan Stanley claims, according to AppleInsider. The forecast comes shortly after BrightWire reported the iPhone 6 would have NFC on board as Apple plans to enter the mobile payments market.

In2pay iphone nfc

The company has so far declined to implement an NFC chip in the iPhone, a strategy that will change, according to the investment firm. What Apple has done, however, is to introduce the location-aware iBeacon technology, which combines Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and has a greater potential than NFC.

Still, analysts of Morgan Stanley believe NFC will be a core part of Apple’s mobile payment strategy. It is worth noting, though, that the investment company has kept an eye on Apple’s growing iTunes accounts, which is the largest credit-card linked account base, and each year has repeated that mobile payments remain a future opportunity.

This slightly differs this year, as their prediction comes after a BrightWire scoop claiming Apple has already inked a deal with the world’s largest interbank network, China UnionPay.

Fact is, Apple has a handful of patents containing the NFC keyword, but that doesn’t mean the company will indeed use the technology in the iPhone. The rumour, however, isn’t new; it has been around since 2011. Maybe it will materialize this year.