Rumoured iOS 8 Split-Screen Multitasking Feature Won’t Debut at WWDC

Just over two weeks ago it was reported Apple would possibly enable split-screen multitasking within iOS 8, to allow two apps to run simultaneously side by side, with many hoping the preview would debut at WWDC 2014 next week.

However, Brian Chen from the New York Times tweeted today the feature isn’t ready to be publicly shown at WWDC and is “still a work in progress”, as reported by MacRumors:

Chen said he was told by “non-PR” (i.e. not Apple) about the delay in the iOS 8 feature almost a week ago and was only publicly releasing this information due to increased discussion about the feature in the past couple days.

Last December designer Sam Becket released an iOS 8 split screen multitasking concept which got many people excited:

YouTube video

Being able to run two apps at once side by side is something Apple’s competitors have touted as an advantage; however the ability to run only one app at a time has been labeled as part of the simplicity of iOS.

Do you want the ability to run two apps side by side on iOS?