Rogers Hardware Upgrades Will Require $80 Plans Starting June 17 [u]

Rogers has changed its policy for hardware upgrades, according to details shared by user WorldIRC over at HowardForums:

If you plan on signing a hardware upgrade for a new smartphone on a 2-year term, you’ll soon require a new Share Everything plan or at least a minimum $80/month plan, as of June 17:

As of June 17, all HUPs will require moving to the new Share Everything plans. Older plans will no longer be upgrade eligible.

There is an exception policy if your monthly spend is $80 / month (plan + features). That being said, reps are being strongly encouraged to migrate clients onto the new plans.

There is also an exception policy if your monthly spend is between $60 – $79 / month (plan + features). This exception requires store manager approval and an expectation will be set with the client that this is the last upgrade at your current price point.

As noted, a one-time exception can be made if your monthly plan is between $60-$79, but requires store manager approval.

Update: Rogers_Chris responded on the HowardForums with the following:

Hi folks, Chris from Rogers’ social media team here to address these upcoming changes. Our previous policy made exceptions for some customers, allowing them to stay on their old plans when they upgraded to a new subsidized device. Going forward we’re asking customers who want a subsidy on their premium Smartphone to move to a current plan.

Rogers looks to move customers on old grandfathered plans to their new Share Everything plans, with the cheapest plan starting at $80/month with 500MB of data. In the past, customers were able negotiate cheaper plans via the Retentions department and perform a hardware upgrade. That looks to be no longer possible.

Earlier this week it was reported Rogers is set to increase its grandfathered 6GB/$30 data plan by $5/month for customers on month-to-month plans.

When reached for comment, a Rogers rep told MobileSyrup “This change will allow people to take advantage of the great value our current plans deliver. They’re easy to understand and are designed for how customers use their phones today, including LTE devices.”

Update 2, June 14: Rogers has informed us this new HUP policy won’t apply to Fido, as “the changes apply to Rogers customers only.”