Quebec Youth Charged After Hacking Bell Canada and Leaking Customer Info



The RCMP has started an investigation back in February in Quebec after one of Bell Canada’s third-party suppliers was hacked.

A Quebec youth has been charged after investigators found that 22,421 usernames and passwords were leaked, along with five valid credit card numbers. The login credentials and the credit card numbers were displayed on the Internet for anyone to see.

Police said he is believed to be a member of a hacktivist group NullCrew, alleged to be responsible for hacking into computers of businesses, schools and government agencies.

The youth was charged on Friday with one count of unauthorized use of a computer and two counts of mischief. The person cannot be identified because of his age.

RCMP superintendent Dean Buzza said:

“Co-operation with our FBI counterparts permitted us to pursue this investigation, which ultimately led to identifying a Canadian suspect. This demonstrates yet again the importance of law enforcement working together to fight cybercrime.”

The youth will appear in court on August 19, where a jury will determine what kind of charges the youth will face.

The RCMP has been looking for a suspect in this investigation since Bell Canada reported that customer information was leaked in February. Back in February, Bell Canada confirmed that its own network and IT systems were not affected and residential, mobility and enterprise business customers were not effected.

[via CBC News]