Statistics Canada: 21% of All Canadian Households Used Cellphones Only in 2013

Statistics Canada has released their 2013 Residential Telephone Survey which has revealed 21 percent of all Canadian households now use cellphones as their only telephone service. Back in 2008, this number was only at 8 percent among all households.

Young households where all of the members are under 35 years of age have the highest percent of exclusive cellphone use, at 60 percent in 2013—up from 39 percent in 2010 and 26 percent in 2008.

Compare this to households composed of those 55 and older, where exclusive cellphone was at 6 percent in 2013—up slightly from 2 percent in 2008.

More than one in five households in Canada have cell phones as their only form of telephone service. In 2013, 21% of households reported using a cell phone exclusively, up from 13% in 2010.

Percentage households cellphones only canada

In 2013, 83% of Canadian households had an active cellphone, up 5% from 2010. Here’s the distribution of total active cellphone use across the country:

  • Alberta – 91%
  • Saskatchewan – 86%
  • British Columbia – 85%
  • Ontario – 85%
  • Atlantic provinces – 80%
  • Quebec – 76%

VoIP use from internet providers remains rare, with 3% of households reporting use in 2013. Traditional landline continues to decline, with the share of households using them dropping from 66% in 2010 to 56% in 2013.

Are you using a cellphone as your only telephone service? Do you use a landline (they’re good for emergencies still).