Chinese Online Sellers Taking iPhone 6 Pre-orders

Iphone 6 taobao

Despite the iPhone 6 and its release date currently existing as a merely a rumour, some Chinese online retailers are already taking pre-orders for the device (via the WSJ).

In fact, they are encouraging Chinese customers to orders now, in order to secure their new device-based on the hearsay that Apple will launch two new iPhone models this fall.

The audacity of these retailers appears to have no limits, some have gone as far as teasing the introductory page of the iPhone 6 in Apple style: they are using a template similar to what we’ve seen at Apple’s official website.

Pre-ordering an iPhone 6 — the majority of the listings we’ve seen talk about a 4.7-inch model — isn’t free: customers interested in securing the next generation handset need to deposit amounts ranging between 500 ($87)to 7,999 Yuan ($1,383).

The Wall Street Journal even points to a Taobao store claiming that four customers have paid roughly $870 for an iPhone 6 preorder.

Apple is widely expected to announce two new iPhone models this fall, with some sources claiming a September 19 in-store launch. The company however is keeping mum on both its timetable and the price of the new iPhones. Rumours claim the 4.7-inch version will start at 5,288 Yuan (roughly $915) while the 5.5-inch version will start at 5,988 Yuan or $1,038.