Just Mobile: AluCable Flat™ with Lightning Connector [REVIEW]

Last year, premium accessory maker Just Mobile came out with a bunch of Lightning cables and accessories for iPhones, iPads and iPods, ranging from a full 1.5m long AluCable to a short 10cm AluCable Mini designed for portable chargers. Now, they have introduced yet another premium sync / charge cable, the AluCable Flat™, which is a stylish 1.2m long cable for iOS devices with Lightning connector. Let’s take a look.

Flat 1

As the name implies, the AluCable Flat features s flat, tangle free design as opposed to Apple’s stock Lightning cable or the old AluCable series. Made with premium materials, the cable’s slim connectors are encased in high quality aluminum, which are compatible with even the slimmest of after market iPhone cases. You can pick the cable in 3 colors: Black, Grey, and Gold, to match your iPhone 5/5s with colour accents of blue, black, and white, respectively. 

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The 4ft. AluCable Flat is Apple MFi-certified and works with all devices with Lightning connector. The cable is also priced the same as Apple standard 3-ft Lightning cable for $19.95. Best of all, you get a 1-foot longer, more durable cable for the same price, and that too in the colour of your choice. Sweet!

Dc 268gy 4

The AluCable Flat is definitely more durable, more stylish and more practical than the stock Lightning cable and for the same price as Apple’s offering, I honestly don’t see a reason why everyone shouldn’t grab a couple of these. Highly recommended!

Giveaway: We are also giving away a Gold/white AluCable Flat to one Facebook fan / Twitter follower. Winner will be chosen at random so keep an eye on your inboxes. Good luck 🙂