Microsoft Unveils New Universal Mobile Keyboard, Compatible With iOS and Android Tablets


Today, Microsoft announced a new Universal Mobile Keyboard that will work with all Windows tablets as well as most iOS and Android devices.

The new keyboard can be paired with three devices running different operating systems. Users will be able to switch between the connected devices using a hardware switch on the top right-hand side of the keyboard.

The company claims that they keyboard’s internal battery will last up to six months on a single charge. The keyboard also comes with a protective shell to help protect the keys when there is no device attached.

Supporting iOS and Android isn’t unusual for Microsoft’s keyboards, but the company has gone a step further this time. The Universal Mobile Keyboard includes an Android home key and a cmd key typically found on Apple keyboards. Although it also works with Windows tablets, Microsoft hasn’t even stamped a Windows logo on the keyboard — a rare move for the company.


Microsoft’s Universal Mobile Keyboard will be available in Canada and the United States starting in October for around $79.95. The device will be available through Microsoft’s retail stores, Microsoft’s online store, and various other retailers. The keyboard will be available in additional countries in the coming weeks and months.

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[via The Verge]