Apple Watch Launch in Time for Valentine’s Day Seen as Unlikely: Report

According to unnamed sources speaking to The Information (via Business Insider), Apple had expected to launch its new watch in time for the holidays, but that changed in recent months, as the company wanted more time to spend on tweaking software and apps for the device.

Sources are now saying the device, which Apple said would debut in “early 2015”, would be unlikely to become available by Valentine’s Day, due to ‘problems’ related to the software:

One person briefed by the Apple department involved in shipping the watch quipped that Apple would be “lucky to ship it by Valentine’s Day.” Apple has said only that the watch would ship in early 2015, and a spokeswoman did not comment for this article.

Apple CEO Tim Cook told Charlie Rose the Apple Watch launch was delayed to allow developers to create apps for the watch. No real story here folks, other than the Apple Watch will launch when it’s ready.