iOS Leads Android in Early Thanksgiving Mobile Shopping: IBM

It’s that time of the year again: The shopping season will “officially” kick off tomorrow with Black Friday. What this means, besides your spending money, is yet another opportunity to compare iOS and Android users and their spending habits. That’s exactly what IBM’s Digital Analytics has done, and the first numbers are in (via Fortune).

Apple customers are once again spending more than Android users, as of the Thanksgiving early morning sales. As the IBM data shows, there are three key areas in which iOS surpasses Android.

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First, the average order value: This year, iOS users spent on overage $122.02 per order, while Android users spent (only) $99.05. Last year, Android users spent much more per order, the same report shows: iOS owners spent $120.03 vs. $114.19 paid by Android users.

In terms of online traffic, iOS devices accounted for almost 30% of all traffic, compared to 14.2% from Android devices.

When it comes to sales, iOS accounted for 21.59% of all online sales, while Android devices reached only 6.6% of the total. Android sales, however, are higher compared to last year, when they only accounted for 4.94% of all online sales.