News Media Push to Broadcast Unseen Steve Jobs Deposition from iPod Trial

Steve jobs ipod

Lawyers representing the Associated Press, Bloomberg, and CNN have filed a motion with the court to get access to video footage yet unreleased to the public, but used as “testimony” in the iPod antitrust lawsuit this week, reports CNET.

“Given the substantial public interest in the rare posthumous appearance of Steve Jobs in this trial, there simply is no interest that justifies restricting the public’s access to his video deposition,” attorney Thomas Burke, who is representing all three media organizations, wrote in the filing Monday.

Today’s filing follows an official email request made on Sunday by attorney Thomas Burke, who represents the media organizations. Apple’s lead lawyer, Bill Isaacson, replied to Burke’s email: “Apple does not consent to your request. We are preparing a substantive response to your points, and will get that to you tonight, hopefully.”

The two-hour-long footage was filmed six months before Steve Jobs died. Thirty minutes of the video was shown Friday during the trial, with Jobs echoing much of Apple’s position we’ve been familiar with so far: The DRM software was necessary because of the contract with music labels.

Apple did not comment on the filing for making the Steve Jobs video a “public treasure”. The plaintiff’s lawyers say it is up to Apple whether or not the footage is released to the public.