Telus Decreases U.S. Roaming Prices as Competition Increases


Today, Telus announced new decreased U.S. roaming prices as more Canadian carriers are adjusting their roaming plans.

The new plans are set to compete with features offered by larger carriers like Rogers, while offering low prices like smaller carriers like Roam Mobility. Telus is now offering three packages which bundle talk, text, and data. The new packages are priced as follows:

3-Day $25 Pass: Unlimited minutes, 150MB of data, unlimited incoming and outgoing text messages.

10-Day $50 Pass: Unlimited minutes, 300MB of data, unlimited incoming and outgoing text messages.

30-Day $80 Pass: Unlimited minutes, 1GB of data, unlimited incoming and outgoing text messages.


All three plans have the same data overage rate of $5 per 50MB. Telus offers a data-only U.S. roaming plan, however, it’s not competitive at all. The $15 data-only plan gives you 15MB of data for 30 days. In comparison, Rogers offers a data-only plan which costs $7.99 for 50MB.

“The comfort of not having to worry about voice minutes and outgoing text charges is important, too, but it’s the bare minimum TELUS could offer given Rogers’ new Roam Like Home deal, which allows Share Everything customers to pay $5 per day to access their domestic plan abroad.”

The best deal to date is still offered by Roam Mobility, offering unlimited talk and text, along with 400MB of LTE data for $3.95 per day.

[via MobileSyrup]