Fido Launches $105 Per Month Max Plan with 3GB Data

Fido has launched a $105 per month Max Plan offering 3 GB of data ($10/500 MB overages), a third option for the Tab24 tier that offers up to $450 subsidy on premium smartphones on contract, such as the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. This plan does not apply to SK/MB/QC.

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So if you’re signing a new two-year contract and want the max subsidy on a new iPhone 6, and crave at least 3GB data, this $105/month option is available

Fido has priced this appropriately because using an unlocked iPhone 6 with a $70/mo Standard Plan (2GB) and getting the 10% off BYOD discount takes it down to $63. Throw in an extra 1GB of overages ($20) and you’re at $83/month. After the dust settles on the math, unlocked iPhone 6 users are only saving $94 after two years versus going on contract.

Just a couple days ago Fido added a new 5GB plan for its Standard and Smart Plans, starting at $94 and $99 per month respectively. The carrier also recently launched an unadvertised promo targeting select customers, offering free early hardware upgrades.