Apple Announces 2015 ‘Lucky Bag’ Promotion in Japan, Set to Begin on January 2


Today, Apple announced that it will begin offering a Fukubukuro, or “lucky bag,” at its retail store locations across Japan on January 2.

The promotion gives the customer a chance to purchase random products at a reduced price. Last year, Apple’s Lucky Bags sold for 36,000 yen ($360 CAD) and usually contained items like iPods, headphones, and t-shirts.

“Called Fukubukuro in Japanese, roughly translated to “Lucky Bags,” the yearly custom sees major retailers and department stores sell sealed grab bags filled with popular and sometimes expensive items. Customers take a slight risk in buying Fukubukuro as they are not privy to the bags’ contents, but the combined value of included goods is almost always worth more than the price paid.”

Customers who purchase a Lucky Bag don’t know what is inside and cannot get a refund unless a product is defective. Several fortunate customers have received big ticket items like iPads and MacBook Airs in their Lucky Bags. The promotion has been a great success in Japan with many people lining up from the night before to get their hands on one.

As with previous years, Apple’s Lucky Bags are only available in Japan with other countries seeing sales at different times throughout the year.

[via AppleInsider]