iMazing: Make Easy iOS File Transfers Between Mac/PC, On Sale for 50% Off [Deals]

If you are looking for software to give you more control over your iOS devices and how you transfer data between your Mac and PC, iMazing is on sale for 50% off at $14.99 in our Deals Store.

Redesign iMazing MF1 1114

This software allows you to access the iOS file system via USB or Wi-Fi, allowing you to do things such as drag and drop music from any device to iTunes, without dealing with authorization limitations of iTunes. This price is for a single license, allowing you to register three computers.

With iMazing, you will be able to transfer all your existing iOS data to a new iPhone 6 or iPad Air 2 for example, quickly and easily without re-downloading all the data via iCloud.


  • Backup management and cloning features that make upgrading to a new device a breeze
  • Backup and restore apps including data, settings, and state, to free space on devices
  • Transfer music, video, images, text messages, contacts, notes, voicemail, call history and voice memos to any computer.
  • Use your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch as an external mass storage device.
  • The first Wifi- and USB-iPhone file transfer software, ever — switch between Wifi and USB without transfer interruption, and to any applicable device within reach of the network.
  • Multi-threaded file transfer process to an unlimited number of devices.
  • Access the root folder of any installed app, or access the whole file system on jailbroken devices.

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