Last Chance: Mammoth Interactive iOS & Swift Bootcamp, On Sale for 96% Off [Deals]

With news of Apple’s Swift development language ranking very popular with developers, now is the time to jump in and learn how to code. Forget trying to learn everything on your own—that’s too much work. Why not jump into a bootcamp iOS 8 and Swift course that’s all ready for you in our Deals Store?

Redesign iOS8 SwiftBootcamp MF
Right now, the Mammoth Interactive iOS and Swift Bootcamp is on sale for 96% off at $99 (normally priced at $2,956). What you’ll get is the largest iOS 8 course available today, which will teach you step-by-step how to create your very own app, by showing you hands-on examples.


  • Build over 70 apps using Swift and Xcode 6 -including: social networking, alarm clock, calculator, media player, educational, and productivity apps
  • 24 step-by-step instructional courses w/ video
  • Learn app design fundamentals
  • Over 80 hours of video content (1,000+ videos)
  • Great for coding novices and experienced programmers alike
  • Get tips on how to start your own business using Swift
  • Upload your apps to the Apple App Store

You’ll learn how to build over 70 apps, plus also get access to 80+ hours of video content among 1,000 videos. Don’t delay, as this course is only available for another day or so. Time to start your app dreams today, because tomorrow never comes.

Click here to jump on the iOS & Swift Bootcamp course while it’s still available.