Rovio Uses Angry Birds to Teach Preschoolers in Singapore


Rovio Entertainment, the company behind the popular Angry Birds game franchise, has partnered with a preschool in Singapore, called Dreamkids Kindergarten, to launch an Angry Birds Playground.

The classroom is transformed into a giant indoor treehouse with Angry Birds stuffed toys lining the walls. A large interactive touch display is mounted on the wall in the center of the classroom, which allows students to play educational games. It’s also a useful way for a teacher to get the class involved.


The program is targeted towards children between the ages of three and six and is based on the world-renowned Finnish National Curriculum. In a statement, Rovio said:

“Behind the Angry Birds Playground educational concept is a belief that fun and play are at the very center of effective learning.”

Dreamkids Kindergarten expects that their programs will begin to fill up by mid-March. Even though preschool is not required in Singapore, a lot of parents believe that their child would benefit from such a program because it exposes them to formal schooling and allows them to develop social skills.

With the help of Rovio’s marketing and one of the best school curriculums in the world, Dreamkids Kindergarten should have no problem enrolling new preschoolers. The partnership with Dreamkids Kindergarten marks Rovio’s fourth Angry Birds Playground location, after three openings in China last year.

[via Reuters]