OKIDOKEYS Smart Locks are Now Available in Canada at Best Buy and Future Shop

While there are already a few smart lock options available in Canada, including the Kevo Smart Lock which has been available at Lowe’s for a few months now, France based smart lock making company OKIDOKEYS has just partnered with Future Shop and Best Buy to bring their Smart Locks and Smart Keys to the Canadian market, offering easy to install and easy to use secure access solutions to your home. 


Pascal Metivier, the CEO of OKIDOKEYS said, “Coming to Canada and partnering with two of country’s most prominent retailers, Future Shop and Best Buy, is such an exciting opportunity for our company”. The company offers a complete line of smart locks and smart keys that gives homeowners the control they need.

According to the press release, the OKIDOKEYS Smart-Lock is battery-powered, not Wi-Fi dependent, and has AES256 level encryption for your family’s safety and security. You get full control of who can open your door and when, with both an app and a web portal allowing you to create, share and revoke keys at any time.

“OKIDOKEYS Smart Locks are simple and easy to install with no cutting, drilling or wiring to be done. With ten minutes and only two screws you will be ready to start assigning keys. The OKIDOKEYS Access Pack is perfect for families. It features the Smart Lock, Smart Reader, and a full set of Smart Tags including card, keychain fob and the child favorite wristband Smart Tags. . If you are an active adult, use the Wristband Tag when you go out for a run or a swim. Put a Card Tag in your wallet or purse to unlock your home when your cell phone is drained of its charge”.

The Smart-Lock Access-Pack is available for $299.99 in-store and online, while the Smart-Lock Deadbolt is available for $229.99 online, both at Best Buy and Future Shop.

Thanks @Shawzborne for the tip!