Tim Cook Reportedly Tells Berlin Employees Apple Watch is Shower Proof

As part of Apple CEO Tim Cook’s visit to Germany, he had a chance to stop by and visit with retail store employees at the Kurfürstendamm location in Berlin.

The most interesting part of this visit, according to iGen.fr, is Cook reportedly told the crowd he wears his Apple Watch all the time and “even in the shower” (Google Translation), and also removes the device every night to charge it.

Back in September, Apple told Yahoo tech journalist David Pogue the watch would be water resistant, but not waterproof. Did Cook just reveal another feature set to be announced? The story could also be possibly lost in translation as well.

Cook also previewed future apps coming for Apple Watch, such as an eBay app to allow monitoring of auctions and also the ability for customers to use the device to enter hotel rooms (like what you can currently do at SPG properties).

The CEO also answered a questions from a visually impaired employees that more accessibility features are set to arrive for Apple Watch. When one employee asked if they could all receive an Apple Watch to show customers instead of directing them to a glass display, Cook mentioned it was a good idea and he would take it into consideration (in other words, no).

As for Apple Pay in Europe? Cook told employees Apple has a goal in mind for the mobile payment to arrive “by the end of the year”. Yesterday Visa Europe announced it would support tokenization in April, paving the way for a potential Apple Pay partnership.

The Apple Watch Sport models with their fluoroelastomer bands would be potential ‘shower proof’ models–but I don’t see it happening. Would you want to take your $10,000+ 18K gold Apple Watch Edition into the shower, like you do with your Rolex?