New Apple Watch Sizing Guide Lets You Try on the Device at Home

apple watch models.jpg

A new sizing guide released by the folks at Exact Fitness allows users to print out an actual size template of the Apple Watch. This allows users to get an idea of how the device will fit on their own wrist.

“Our friends, family and other developers we know are very interested in Apple Watch but everybody is confused about sizing. First, we want to know which watch to pick: 38mm or 42mm? Then, we ask ourselves, “How wide is my wrist and, what bracelet size I would need?””

Apple has also released an official sizing guide, however Exact Fitness says that the graphics in the guide are not to scale. Printing Apple’s sizing guide may not give you an accurate representation of the Apple Watch’s size.

“The uncertainty described above explains why Apple has set up hands-on units that arrive in Apple Stores on April 10.

But why wait for a hands-on preview when we can create Apple Watch graphics to size, so you can print it and check it out right on your wrist. Or, what if you don’t live anywhere near an Apple Store?”

If you print out the following PDF at 100% the contour of the Apple Watch and its bracelet will be printed to the actual size. Cut it out and wrap it around your wrist to get an idea of which size and band is right for you.

Apple will begin taking pre-orders for the Apple Watch on April 10, at which point the device will be on display in retail stores. The Apple Watch will begin shipping on April 24 in several countries, including Canada and the United States. The device starts at $449 for the smaller (38mm) aluminium Sport model, and the stainless steel version starts at $699 with several models coming in at over $1000. The high-end 18-karat gold Apple Watch Edition will start at $13,000 with some models costing as much as $22,000.