Apple Pulls ‘The Whole Pantry’ Watch App from the App Store

The Whole Pantry Apple Watch 800x469

Amid allegations that the app’s developer Belle Gibson has committed fraud, Apple has removed the award winning healthy eating app ‘The Whole Pantry’ from the App Store as well as from the featured Apple Watch apps page, The Sydney Morning Herald is reporting (via MacRumors). The publication notes that Gibson has been accused of making false claims about her cancer diagnosis and failing to donate thousands of dollars she had collected during fundraisers and charities.

“Gibson is a 26-year-old from Melbourne that rose to fame for healing herself from terminal brain cancer without conventional treatment, although the report claims that she later admitted to possibly being misdiagnosed. She has since been the subject of intense scrutiny from her supporters and those that donated to her cause, and has disabled the Facebook page for The Whole Pantry and her personal Instagram account.”

The Whole Pantry app has previously been featured by Apple in Apple Watch promotions on its website but today, the company has updated the page to remove the listing. At the same time, the app has been removed from the App Store worldwide and is nowhere to be found in the United States, Australia, Canada and United Kingdom App Stores.

Gibson has not yet issued any official comment regarding the matter. We’ll be sure to keep you updated if the story develops further.