New Book ‘Becoming Steve Jobs’ Launches Sales Today on iBooks, Amazon

By now you’ve probably read and heard excerpts from the new book Becoming Steve Jobs, authored by Brent Schlender and Rick Tetzeli. What makes this biography on Jobs so different from the Walter Isaacson version is it’s being widely endorsed by Apple and its executives, who opened up and gave unprecedented access to the authors for this book.

Becoming steve jobs

Our Kindle copy we pre-ordered was automatically sent to our device this morning. While we’ve only read the first few pages, we can’t wait to dive right into it. You can see a Q&A with the authors from the New York Times here.

You can purchase your copy today from the iBookstore for $16.99 CAD or the Kindle edition for the same price. The hardcopy from is $19.71 and eligible for Prime shipping.