Next Apple TV Remote to Get Touch Pad in Redesign: NYT

Apple’s next generation Apple TV, rumoured to debut this summer at WWDC, will include a new redesigned touch pad for its remote, reports the New York Times:

When Apple introduces its new TV box this summer, the remote control will gain a touch pad and also be slightly thicker than the current version, according to an employee briefed on the product, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the device was confidential. The touch pad can be used for scrolling around and there will also be two physical buttons, the person said. The remote’s thicker size is comparable to the remote control for Amazon’s wireless speaker, the Echo, the person added.

Sources say Apple has been in talks with “a number of leading television groups to offer an Internet-based TV service this year for its Apple TV, iPhone and iPad.”

A rumour back in March by the well-connected John Paczkowski at BuzzFeed said the next Apple TV would debut with Siri as a major feature.

Seeing how Siri has been much improved and how essential it is for Apple Watch, it’s only natural it would make its way to the Apple TV in terms of being able to control the device with your voice.

You can bet this new remote will feature Force Touch, which debuted in the Apple Watch and also the new 12-inch Retina MacBook, and also rumoured for the next iPhone.

Apple CEO Tim Cook told Charlie Rose in an interview the living room is an intense area of interest for the company, as the user experience remains “stuck in the seventies.”