Canadian iOS and Android Usage Dominated by Facebook: Study

After measuring 38 million monthly active devices in the country, Flurry from Yahoo concluded that Canada is an app nation, just its American neighbour. That makes it one of the best testing ground for apps, but there is a trick: Not all app categories are popular in Canada. After analysing the activity of 92,000 Canadian devices in March, Flurry shares the secret recipe: Where do Canadians spend most of their time on mobile?


As it turns out, in Canada, the majority of time spent on mobile devices is in Messaging and Social apps. Facebook obviously leads the way, grabbing 22% of the total time. The next-biggest category is Music, Media, and Entertainment, with a combined 16% of time, double the percentage compared to Americans.

On the other hand, Canadians don’t really play games – according to Flurry – because, what accounts for 32% of the time spent in apps (playing games) in the US is only 14% in Canada. As a result, if you are working on a new game and want a testing ground, you had better focus on the US more than on the Canadian market, the Flurry study suggests.


What also seems hot in the country is Health and Fitness, Sports, Finance, and Utilities and Productivity. These are growing at a much faster pace than other categories.

We all know (thanks to earlier reports) that phablet shipments are on the rise globally. Now, with some help from Flurry, we know that Canadians are slowly but steadily joining that trend: Adoption rate is at 14%, lower than the 20% penetration of phablets globally.

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