Apple Patents System for Electronic Concert and Event Ticketing

A series of 37 newly granted Apple patents published today by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office includes Apple’s famed Concert Ticket patent titled “Apple Introduces a New iTunes “Concert Ticket + System”, which according to PatentlyApple, was one of the original patents that would go on to form the Passbook application.

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The newly granted Apple patent covers the company’s invention relating to tickets to events and, more particularly to obtaining, storing, and accessing tickets to events and benefits associated with such tickets using an electronic device.

In the original patent, which was covered back in 2010, Apple detailed electronic concert and event ticketing system as well as being able to use Apple’s iPhone with NFC for transit systems and making purchases for refreshments that we now know related to Apple Pay. To read the patent in detail, click here.

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The patent was originally filed by Apple in Q3 2008.