TYLT RIBBN 4.8 Amp Car Charger with Flat Ribbon Cable Review


TYLT unveiled the 4.8 Amp RIBBN Car Charger at CES in January 2015, as an obvious update to the company’s popular BAND charger.

TYLT has always done a fantastic job of designing their products, and the RIBBN Car Charger is no exception. The device features a built-in cable that comes in two varieties: Apple’s Lightning cable (as seen in the photo above) and a microUSB cable.


The cable is 3 feet (1 meter) long and has a flat design, making it “tangle-free.” If you have a problem with tangling cables, then the RIBBN is the perfect solution for you.

The TYLT RIBBN also features an additional USB port, allowing users to charge two devices at the same time. The cable has a 4.8 Amp circuit, so it can deliver 2 Amps of current to both ports. Each port on the car charger can output will output roughly the same amount of current as an iPad charger, which means that both ports will charge your devices very quickly.


The ability to charge your device(s) quickly while in your car is a huge selling feature. One RIBBN car charger can eliminate the need to carry multiple chargers around in your car.

The only downside is the price. The Lightning version of the TYLT RIBBN costs $49.99, while the microUSB version costs $39.99. This shouldn’t be a surprise if you are familiar with TYLT’s products, however, you are definitely paying for a well designed product.


The RIBBN cable has yet to tangle on me, but I found that it is a bit difficult to manage the cable when not in use. The flat ribbon cable design makes it difficult to neatly tie up. The simplest solution is a velcro strap (which are normally used for cable management).

Overall, the RIBBN cable is a great product and it is worth the price if you charge your devices frequently in your car. The TYLT RIBBN 4.8 Amp Car Charger is available for purchase from TYLT, and comes in black, blue, red, and green.