iMaze Fitness Heart Rate Strap and Armband Combo on Sale for 57% Off [Deals]

If you want to keep track of your fitness levels during your workouts, the iMaze heart rate chest strap with universal armband for your smartphone is on sale in our Deals Store for 57% off at $42.99 USD, which includes free shipping to Canada and beyond (this sells for $80 CAD at Best Buy).


Imaze chest strap

Powered by Bluetooth 4.0, the iMaze chest strap connects to your iPhone or other smartphone and monitors your performance in real time, detailing your distance, speed, heart rate, route, time, weather and more. It’s the perfect fitness companion for your runs and workouts.


  • Connects to the robust iMaze Fitness App
  • Created w/ a durable, water-resistant design
  • Allows you to play music & take calls while running the app
  • Includes a universal armband to keep your phone safe while in motion
  • Records distance, speed, heart rate, route, time, weather conditions & more
If you’ve always wanted an iMaze, now is the time to jump on one for the summer to make your workouts fun and exciting.
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