Watch Siri on Apple Watch Control a Tesla Through Voice Commands [VIDEO]

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Last month developer Allen Wong showed off how a Tesla Model S was able to controlled by an Apple Watch. Now, he has shared his latest demonstration of his Apple Watch controlling his Tesla using Siri, in a new video on YouTube:

For the first time, a car has successfully been controlled using voice commands through an Apple Watch. Last month I brought you the video of me controlling my Tesla using my Apple Watch app called Remote S. A few days ago, while adding more features and upgrades to the app, I thought up of a way to use Siri to help issue commands to my Tesla. Now I’m just waiting for Tesla to implement the “summon car” feature, so I can code the app that allows you to speak into your Apple Watch to make your Tesla drive up to you.

As you can see, I’m not using some jailbroken device to achieve this. I’m out at the JFK airport parking lot, so it’s not using some hacked wifi router either.

I realize now that it sounds weird to say “Start Car” instead of “Start the car”. I’ll change it to that phrase when I publish the app. I’m currently training my app so that it can understand multiple phrases. So you can say, “KITT, start the car” or “Start my Tesla” or “Horn the horn at those morons”, and the app will still understand what you want it to do.

Being able to summon your Tesla using Siri on Apple Watch would be like taking a scene out of Batman and the Dark Knight calling for his Batmobile. #mindblown

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Wong says he was testing his app out at JFK Airport past 2AM this morning. He also revealed on Facebook last month Tesla contacted him to see if he wanted to work on the car company’s app, which he is contemplating.

Click here to download Remote S for Tesla in the App Store—it’s $11.99 CAD. If you have an Apple Watch already, all you need is a Tesla to use the app.