Join PlanHub’s Upcoming Group Buys for a Cheaper Cellphone Plan in Canada

You may have used our Canadian Cellphone Plan Comparison Tool in the past, powered by This handy tool allows you to find the best plan based on your voice, data and hardware needs. plans to take their comparison tool to another level, as it plans to soon launch a new ‘Reminder’ feature, which will leverage the power of group buying to get cheaper plans for consumers.

The idea is to build up a large pool of users with the same needs, for example, 1000 users looking to get an iPhone 6 with unlimited calling and 2GB data for around July 2016. PlanHub will leverage these users to carriers such as Rogers, TELUS and Bell (and more) to negotiate a better than normal plan, exclusively for these users.

Essentially the model follows what large corporations have been doing for their employee plans, but now it’ll be available to the average consumer. PlanHub aims to offer these plans close to the end date of contracts, to save consumers money, time and the frustrating negotiation process with retention departments, all for free.

Nadir Marcos Mechaiekh, co-founder of PlanHub, told us via email he is confident their new group buying feature will help positively impact customers, while also help stimulate wireless competition, saying “Our Reminder feature is our most exciting yet. It’ll allow us to pool the needs of large groups of clients in order to negotiate exclusive deals on their behalf and to save them money.”

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How to join a potential group buy scenario with PlanHub? Easy, just visit this form here on their website, fill it in with your requirements such as voice, data and cellphone you want, and you’ll be notified if a cheaper plan can be made available to you. With today marking the official end of 3-year contracts thanks to the Wireless Code, this may be something to jump on for future cellphone plans.