Rogers BYOD Wireless Promo: Bonus 12,000 First Rewards Points

If you’re a wireless customer with an unlocked phone, Rogers wants you to sign up to a Share Everything Plan as a BYOD (bring your own device) customer, as new promos are targeting these folks.

Rogers says says new or existing BYOD customers (which save $20/mo off plans, as usual), that sign up to Share Everything Plans before August 13, 2015, you will get 12,000 Rogers First Rewards points, “which is like getting $120 off your next device upgrade.”

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Share Everything Plans come standard with free access to Rogers NHL GameCentre LIVE and ROAM LIKE HOME, but new customers may not know this and think it’s part of a promotion, according to the text above. The bonus here is the 12,000 First Reward Points.

Earlier today, Rogers launched a ‘spin to win’ promo for existing First Reward customers.

With the Wireless Code now in effect as of yesterday, this ‘promo’ looks to target ‘free agent’ BYOD customers to sign up for Rogers Share Everything Plans with the incentive of bonus First Rewards Points.

Rogers says you can get this offer via live chat, buying online, visiting a store or calling their toll free number.

Thanks Andy!