Apple Becomes Promoter Member of Bluetooth SIG

Apple has today been given a new role in the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG): It was named a Promoter Member, which is the highest membership level of the organization, Bluetooth SIG announced today.

bluetooth SIG-Apple

“Apple has long been a key participant in the Bluetooth ecosystem,” said Toby Nixon, chairman of the Bluetooth SIG Board of Directors. “Since 2011, the company has provided guidance and knowledge to the Bluetooth SIG through its participation as an Associate Board Member. We’re excited to welcome Apple to its new role in the organization and on the SIG board.”

Since Bluetooth technology will be incorporated in more than 10 billion devices in the next five years, the highest-level members have one well-defined task: to understand where the industry is headed and anticipate consumer needs. Also, among the key priorities of Bluetooth SIG and its board members is to position the technology to enable the Internet of Things.

Current promoter members are Ericsson, Intel, Lenovo, Microsoft, Nokia, and Toshiba. Bluetooth SIG has 10 board companies, more than 26,000 member companies, and a professional staff collaborating on what’s next in Bluetooth technology.