iOS 9 Brings New Auto App Delete / Reinstall Feature [PIC]


Earlier today, Apple released iOS 9 beta 2 (build 13A4280e) to the developers that brings fixes for issues such as AirPlay connectivity problems with Apple TV, iCloud backup restores being really slow and more. However, as discovered by the folks over at MacRumors, Apple has also introduced a new feature with the latest iOS 9 beta that automatically deletes and then reinstalls certain apps after the OS update is completed, on devices with insufficient space for downloading the update file.

Developers who are installing the second beta of iOS 9 have discovered a highly useful iOS 9 space management feature, which will help users who have little space on their devices install major operating system updates. 

When attempting to install iOS 9 on a device with insufficient space, there’s a popup that offers to temporarily delete some apps in order to make room for the update. Apps that are deleted are then reinstalled and replaced after the operating system update is completed.

Keeping in mind the problems faced by a number of iOS 8 users with 16GB devices while updating to the latest OS releases that are over 4GB in size, Apple has finally made the much needed improvements that make iOS 9 a lot more space efficient.

The iOS 9 firmware installation file size has also been significantly reduced to just 1.3GB from the previous 4.5GB for iOS 8, which makes it a lot easier for people with 16GB devices to find space for the update.